Family Prayers

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Family Prayers ★★½ 1991 (PG)

Coming-of-age drama, set in 1969 Los Angeles, about 13-year-old Andrew and his family troubles. His father Martin (Mantegna) is a compulsive gambler which causes wife Rita (Archer) untold anxiety and constant friction between the two. Tension is heightened by Nan (LuPone), Rita's opinionated older sister who has bailed the family out of their money problems more than once. Meanwhile, Andrew tries to look out for his younger sister and prepare for his barmitzvah. A little too much of a nostalgic golden glow surrounds what is essentially a family tragedy. 109m/C VHS . Tzvi Ratner-Stauber, Joe Manegna, Anne Archer, Patti LuPone, Paul Reiser, Allen (Goorwitz) Garfield, Conchata Ferrell, David Margulies; D: Scott Rosenfelt; W: Steven Ginsburg.