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Ermo ★★ 1994

Hard-working noodle-maker Ermo (Alia) supports her slothful husband, Chief (Zhijun), and their son in their northern China village. Her smitten truck-driver neighbor Blindman (Peiqi) has an equally unpleasant wife, Fat Woman (Haiyan), with whom Ermo has an ongoing rivalry. They own a color TV (the only one in the village) and Ermo becomes determined to get a bigger and better set by selling her noodles in a nearby town and compulsively saving her money. Of course, her entrepreneurship has some unexpected consequences. Mandarin Chinese with subtitles. 93m/C VHS . CH Alia, Peiqi Liu, Ge Zhijun, Zhang Haiyan; D: Xiaowen Zhou; W: Lang Yun; C: Lu Gengxin; M: Xiaowen Zhou.