Enigma 2001

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Enigma ★★½ 2001 (R)

Tom Jericho (Scott) is a British codebreaker working at Bletchley Park during WWII. He has a breakdown after a romantic breakup with colleague Claire (Burrows), who's mysteriously disppeared. Could she have been working for the Germans? Tom is determined to find out, aided by Claire's roommate Hester (Winslet). Meanwhile, intelligence operative Wigram (Northam) is keeping an eye on them both, thinking they know more than they appear to. Excessive subplots make for some confusion but the story's still compelling. Based on a novel by Robert Harris. 117m/C VHS, DVD . GB Dougray Scott, Kate Winslet, Saffron Burrows, Jeremy Northam, Nikolaj Waldau, Tom Hollander, Corin Redgrave, Robert Pugh, Matthew MacFadyen, Donald (Don) Sumpter; D: Michael Apted; W: Tom Stoppard; C: Seamus McGarvey; M: John Barry.