The Enemy Within

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The Enemy Within ★★½ 1994

Cable TV remake of the 1964 political thriller “Seven Days in May.” Set in the late 1990s, President William Foster's (Waterston) approval rating is at an all-time low and his heavy defense cuts have certain government officials plotting a coup. Hero of the tale is Joint Chief of Staffs officer, Col. Mac Casey (Whitaker), whose military career is warring with his sense of ethics. The updating is fairly clunky; for true suspense stick with the original. 86m/C VHS, DVD . Forest Whitaker, Sam Waterston, Josef Sommer, Jason Robards Jr., Dana Delany, George Dzundza; D: Jonathan Darby; W: Darryl Ponicsan, Ronald Bass; C: Kees Van Oostrum. CABLE