The Endless Summer 2

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The Endless Summer 2 ★★★ Bruce Brown's The Endless Summer 2; Bruce Brown's The Endless Summer Revisited 1994 (PG)

You don't have to personally hang ten to get stoked about this long-awaited sequel that once again follows two surfer dudes in their quest for the perfect wave. This time out pro surfers O'Connell and Weaver circle the globe seeking adventure and the world's best waves. Traces the evolution of surfing from the lazy, golden days of the '60s to the worldwide phenomenon it is today, complete with its own pro tour circuit. Breathtaking scenery and spectacular surfing sequences highlight this look at a unique subculture. Thirty years later and it's still a great ride, Though the travelogue wears thin and the sub-culture's now fairly well exploited. 107m/C VHS, DVD . Robert “Wingnut” Weaver, Pat O'Connell, Robert August; D: Bruce Brown; W: Bruce Brown, Dana Brown; Nar: Bruce Brown.

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The Endless Summer 2

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