Emeneau, Murray Barnson

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EMENEAU, Murray Barnson

EMENEAU, Murray Barnson. American (born Canada), b. 1904. Genres: Anthropology/Ethnology, Language/Linguistics, Mythology/Folklore. Career: Professor Emeritus, University of California, Berkeley, since 1971 (Assistant Professor of Sanskrit and General Linguistics, 1940-43; Associate Professor, 1943-46; Professor, 1946-71). Publications: Jambhaladatta's Version of Vetalapancavinsati, 1934; A Union List of Printed Indic Texts and Translations in American Libraries, 1935; Kota Texts, 1944-46; Studies in Vietnamese Grammar, 1951; Sanskrit Sandhi and Exercises, 1952; 4th ed. 1968; Kolami, a Dravidian Language, 1955; (with T. Burrow) A Dravidian Etymological Dictionary, 1961, 1966, supplement 1968, 2nd ed. 1984; (with T. Burrow) Dravidian Borrowing from Indo-Aryan, 1962; Brahui and Dravidian Comparative Grammar, 1962; India and Historical Grammar, 1965; Dravidian Linguistics, Ethnology, and Folktales: Collected Papers, 1967; Dravidian Comparative Phonology: A Sketch, 1970; Toda Songs, 1971; Ritual Structure and Language Structure of the Todas, 1974; Language and Linguistic Area: Selected Essays, 1980; Toda Grammer and Texts, 1984; Sanskrit Studies: Selected Papers, 1988; Dravidian Studies: Selected Papers, 1994. Address: 909 San Benito Rd, Berkeley, CA 94707-2436, U.S.A.