Eltis, Walter (Alfred)

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ELTIS, Walter (Alfred)

ELTIS, Walter (Alfred). British (born Czechoslovakia), b. 1933. Genres: Economics. Career: Oxford University, England, lecturer in economics, 1961-88, fellow of Exeter College, 1963-88, emeritus fellow, 1988-; National Economic Development Office, London, England, economic consultant, 1963-66, economic director, 1986-88, director general, 1988-92; Department of Trade and Industry, London, chief economic adviser to the president of the Board of Trade, 1992-95; visiting professor at University of Toronto, 1976-77, European University, Florence, Italy, 1979, University of Reading, 1992-. Economic and financial consultant with Rowe & Pitman, London, 1976-86; consultant bank credit analyst in Montreal, Quebec, 1983-88, 1995-. Publications: Economic Growth: Analysis and Policy, 1966; Growth and Distribution, 1973; (with R. Bacon) Britain's Economic Problem: Too Few Producers, 1976; The Classical Theory of Economic Growth, 1984, 2nd ed., 2000; Classical Economics, Public Expenditure and Growth, 1993; (with R. Bacon) Britain's Economic Problem Revisited, 1996; Britain, Europe and EMU, 2000. EDITOR: (with P.J.N. Sinclair) The Money Supply and the Exchange Rate, 1981; (with P. Sinclair) Keynes and Economic Policy, 1988; (with S.M. Eltis) Condillac: Commerce and Government, 1997. Address: Danesway, Jarn Way, Boars Hill, Oxford OX1 5JF, England.