An Elephant Called Slowly

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An Elephant Called Slowly ★★½ 1969 (G)

In a sequel of sorts to the 1966 hit “Born Free,” McKenna and Travers star as an English couple who trek to Africa to meet game warden George Adamson (here playing himself). Once in Africa, they are introduced to a menagerie of animals, such as lions and hippos. Along the way, the meet Pole Pole (Swahili for “Slowly”), a baby elephant who adopts McKenna and Travers and attempts to travel with them. The first 20 minutes are rather slow, but the last 70 are very watchable with gorgeous cinema-tography and astounding nature shots. 91m/C VHS, DVD . GB Virginia McKenna, Bill Travers, George Adamson, Joab Collins, Vinay Inambar, Ali Twaha; D: James Hill; W: Bill Travers, James Hill; C: Simon Trevor; M: Howard Blake, Bert Kaempfert.

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An Elephant Called Slowly

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