Electric Shadows

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Electric Shadows ★★ 2004

Delivery man Mao Xiaobing (Xiz) is attacked by a strange young woman in the streets and lands in the hospital. After his release, he visits Ling Ling (Qi) at the police station and discovers they were childhood playmates who were both obsessed with the movies. She asks him to take care of her fish and Mao finds her apartment filled with movie memorabilia and a diary that details her fantasy life. Mandarin with subtitles. 95m/C DVD . CH Xu Xia, Zhongyang Qi, Yihong Jiang; D: Xiao Jiang; W: Xiao Jiang, Qing-song Cheng; C: Hong Chen, Lun Yang; M: Lin Zhao.

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Electric Shadows

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