Eddie Presley

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Eddie Presley ★★½ 1992

Eddie Presley is an Elvis impersonator at the lowest rung of the entertainment industry ladder. He's a true believer whose act is a heartfelt homage. He lives in his van and has a crappy security guard job, and has a tenuous hold on his dignity. When he gets a gig at a seedy hotel, he has a meltdown on stage and gives a performance the audience will never forget. Well-crafted, bittersweet showbiz drama is packed fine performances. Based on writer/star Whitaker's play. 106m/C DVD . Duane Whitaker, Stacie Randall, Lawrence Tierney, Roscoe Lee Browne, Theodore (Ted) Raimi, Joe Estevez, Tom Everett, Clu Gulager, John Lazar, Francesca “Kitten” Natividad, Ian Ogilvy, Willard Pugh, Daniel Roebuck, Tim Thomerson, Patrick Thomas; Cameos: Quentin Tarantino, Bruce Campbell; D: Jeff Burr; W: Duane Whitaker; C: Thomas Callaway; M: Jim Manzie.