Earthly Possessions

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Earthly Possessions ★★½ 1999 (R)

Sarandon can't really pass for a drab housewife but she does her best in this adaptation of Anne Tyler's novel. Charlotte Emory (Sarandon) is the very sheltered wife of a smalltown minister (Sanders), who longs for a break from her tedious routine. She gets her chance when she's unexpectedly taken hostage by would-be bankrobber, Jake Simms Jr. (Dorff), who suffers from impulse control problems and continual bad luck. Both their fortunes change when Jake forces Charlotte on the road with him (he wants to see his pregnant girlfriend) and an increasingly close bond forms between the two strangers as they try to stay out of police custody. 120m/C VHS, DVD . Susan Sarandon, Stephen Dorff, Jay O. Sanders, Elissabeth (Elisabeth, Elizabeth, Liz) Moss, Margo Martindale; D: James Lapine; W: Steven Rogers; C: David Franco; M: Stephen Endelman. CABLE