Durschmied, Erik

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DURSCHMIED, Erik. Canadian (born Austria), b. 1930. Genres: Plays/Screenplays, History, Autobiography/Memoirs, Documentaries/Reportage. Career: Canadian Broadcasting Corp., Toronto, ON, camera operator, 1956-60; British Broadcasting Corp., London, England, camera operator for Panorama, 1960-72; independent film producer in Paris, France, 1973-80; Columbia Broadcasting System, NYC, film director and camera operator, 1981-86; independent film producer in Paris and Los Angeles, CA, 1987-; filmmaker and writer. Austrian Military Staff College, lecturing professor. Lecturer at institutions in the U.S. and Canada. Publications: Don't Shoot the Yanqui: The Life of a War Cameraman (autobiography), 1990; Armee Rouge: Le dernier Combat, 1991. DOCUMENTARY SCREENPLAYS: Castro, 1958; Guy Burgess: The Super Spy, 1959; Algiers: A Day of Killing, 1961; North Korea: Portrait of a Country, 1962; Yemen Story, 1963; The Seven Hundred Million: First-Ever Look at China, 1964; Vietnam: Trilogy of Combat, 1964; The Mills of the Gods, 1965; Hill 943, 1968; Army of the Holy Land, 1969; Belfast Weekend: A Bomb and a Pub Crawl, 1969; Amazonian Indians, 1969; Dacca Massacre, 1971; De Gaulle Funeral, 1971; Aetna Eruption, 1972; The France I Love, 1973; Those Who Are Lost, 1974; Dubai Army, 1975; Day in the Life of an Oil Sheikh, 1975; Dollars Like Sand, 1975; A Short Street in Belfast, 1975; Rhodesia White, 1976; Tear for the Sea: Amoco Dadiz Oil Spill, 1977; Apartheid, 1977; Cobra and Co., 1978; Defense of Europe, 1979; Battle of the Skies: Airbus versus Boeing, 1980; Firebreak: World War III Rehearsal, 1980; Help!! Cambodia's Killing Fields, 1980; Vietnam: Bitter Victory, 1981; Beirut (news reports), 1981; Under the Soviet Gun-Afghanistan, 1983; A Trial in Kabul: Dr. Augoyard, 1983; Iraq: Portrait of a Country at War, 1984-86; North Korea: A Portrait of Isolation, 1985; The Day the Reindeer Died, 1986; The Storm, 1987; Mystery of the Pyramid, 1988. MILITARY HISTORY: The Hinge Factor, 1999; The Weather Factor, 2000; Whisper of the Blade, 2001; The Blood of Revolution (in UK as Whisper of the Blade), 2001; The Hinges of Battle, 2002; From Armageddon to the Fall of Rome, 2002; Unsung Heroes, 2003. Address: 14 Rue Rambuteau, 75003 Paris, France. Online address: [email protected]