Draper, Theodore

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DRAPER, Theodore

DRAPER, Theodore. American, b. 1912. Genres: History, International relations/Current affairs, Military/Defense/Arms control, Politics/Government. Career: Writer. Publications: The Six Weeks' War, 1944; The 84th Infantry Division in the Battle of Germany, 1946; The Roots of American Communism, 1957; American Communism and Soviet Russia, 1960; Castro's Revolution: Myths and Realities, 1962; Castroism, Theory and Practice, 1965; Abuse of Power, 1967; Israel and World Politics: The Roots of the Third Arab-Israeli War, 1968; The Dominican Revolt, 1968; The Rediscovery of Black Nationalism, 1970; Present History, 1983; A Present of Things Past, 1990; A Very Thin Line: The Iran-Contra Affair, 1991; A Struggle for Power: The American Revolution, 1996. Address: 35 Linwood Circle, Princeton, NJ 08540, U.S.A.

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Draper, Theodore

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