Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment

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Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment ★★ Crime and Punishment 1999 (PG-13)

Muddled TV adaptation the 1866 Dostoevsky novel is anchored by Dempsey's lead performance as impoverished student Rodya Raskolnikov. He murders the local pawnbroker in a “perfect crime” only to be consumed by guilt. Then he falls under the suspicious eyes of unrelenting inspector Porfiri (Kingsley), who waits for Rodya to make a mistake. 89m/C VHS . Patrick Dempsey, Ben Kingsley, Julie Delpy, Eddie Marsan, Richard Bremmer, Lili Horvath, Carole Nimmons, Penny Downie, Michael Mehlmann, Sara Toth; D: Joseph Sargent; W: David Stevens; Elemer Ragalyi. TV