D.O.A. 1949

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D.O.A. ★★★½ 1949

A man is given a lethal, slow-acting poison. As his time runs out, he frantically seeks to learn who is responsible and why he was targeted for death. Dark film noir remade in 1969 as “Color Me Dead” and in 1988 with Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan. Also available colorized. 83m/B VHS, DVD . Edmond O'Brien, Pamela Britton, Luther Adler, Neville Brand, Beverly Garland, Lynne Baggett, William Ching, Henry Hart, Laurette Luez, Virginia Lee, Jess Kirkpatrick, Cay Forrester, Michael Ross; D: Rudolph Mate; W: Russell Rouse, Clarence Greene; C: Ernest Laszlo; M: Dimitri Tiomkin. Natl. Film Reg. '04.