Dial “M” for Murder

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Dial “M” for Murder ★★★ 1954

Unfaithful playboy Tony's (Milland) cash is all thanks to his marriage to heiress Margot (Kelly) and he fears losing her to writer Mark (Cummings). So Tony devises an elaborate plan to murder his wife for her money, but when she accidentally stabs the killer-to-be, with scissors no less, it's Tony who comes under the suspicious eye of Chief Inspector Hubbard (Williams). Filmed in 3-D. Based on the play by Frederick Knotts. Loosely remade in 1998 as “A Perfect Murder” starring Michael Douglas and Gwenyth Paltrow. 123m/C VHS, DVD . Ray Milland, Grace Kelly, Robert Cummings, John Williams, Anthony Dawson; D: Alfred Hitchcock; W: Frederick Knott; C: Robert Burks; M: Dimitri Tiomkin.