Dhavamony, Mariasusai

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DHAVAMONY, Mariasusai

DHAVAMONY, Mariasusai. Indian, b. 1925. Genres: Philosophy, Theology/Religion. Career: Professor of History of Religions and Hinduism, Gregorian University, 1966-, now emeritus. Chief Ed., Studia Missionalia periodical, and Chief Director-Ed., Documenta Missionalia series, since 1968. Professor of the theology of religions. Publications: Subjectivity and Knowledge According to St. Thomas Aquinas (philosophy), 1965; Love of God According to Saiva Sidhanta, 1971; (with C. Papali and P. Fallon) For Dialogue with Hinduism, 1972; Phenomenology of Religion, 1973; Classical Hinduism, 1982; La luce di Dio nell'Induismo, 1987; L'Induismo, 1991; (in collaboration) Le grandi figure dell'Induismo, 1992; L'Hindouisme et Foi Chretienne, 1995; Christian Theology of World Religions, 1997; Teologia delle religioni, 1997; Christian Theology of Inculturation, 1997; La Spiritualite Hindoue, 1997; La teologia de las religiones, 1998; Pluralismo Religioso e Missione della Chiesa, 2001. EDITOR: Evangelization, Dialogue and Development, 1972; Prospettive di Missiologia oggi, 1982; La meditazione nelle grandi religioni, 1989; Teologia Cristiana delle religioni e della Missione Ad Gentes, 2002. Address: Gregorian University, Piazza della Pilotta 4, 00187 Rome, Italy. Online address: [email protected]