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Dawg ★★ Bad Boy 2002 (R)

Following 2001's “Double Whammy,” Leary and Hurley also teamed up for this romantic comedy. The aptly named Doug “Dawg” Munford (Leary) stands to inherit a fortune but only if the love 'em and leave 'em lothario finds and apologizes to the many women he's used and dumped. And they have to forgive him. Estate attorney Anna Lockheart (Hurley) will tag along to make sure Dawg doesn't make a mess. 83m/C VHS, DVD . Denis Leary, Elizabeth Hurley, Vanes-sa Bell Calloway, Alex Borstein, Mia Cottet; D: Victoria Hochberg; W: Ken Hastings; C: Steven Fine-stone; M: Jason Frederick.