The Dark Backward

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The Dark Backward ★½ 1991 (R)

A dark, subversive comedy about a garbage man who dreams of making it big in show biz as a stand-up comedian. He's terrible until a third arm starts growing out of his back and the sheer grotesqueness of his situation makes him a temporary star. Caan and Newton are interestingly cast, but young, first-time director Rifkin's foray into David Lynch territory was not well received by critics. 97m/C VHS, DVD . Judd Nelson, Bill Paxton, Wayne Newton, Lara Flynn Boyle, James Caan, Rob Lowe, Claudia Christian, King Moody, Adam Rifkin; D: Adam Rif-kin; W: Adam Rifkin; C: Joey Forsyte; M: Marc David Decker.