The Dark Angel 1991

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The Dark Angel ★★★ 1991

Maud is the young and innocent heiress to a fortune in this gothic mystery of creeping unease. She is intrigued by the romantic portrait of her youthful and unknown Uncle Silas. But her mysterious uncle is no longer the Byronic hero. What secret wickedness does his ravaged face hide? And what about Maud's drug-addicted governess and the brutish young man in the cem-etary? Does Uncle Silas just want Maud's fortune or Maud herself? Excellent performances by O'Toole as the decadent uncle and Edney as the innocent-but-not-stupid Maud. Based on the novel “Uncle Silas” by Sheridan Le Fanu. Made for British TV. 150m/C VHS . GB Peter O'Toole, Beatie Edney, Jane Lapotaire, Tim Woodward, Alan MacNaugh-ton, Barbara Shelley, Guy Rolfe; D: Peter Hammond. TV