Crush 1993

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Crush ★★ 1993

Christina is a local New Zealand literary critic on her way to interview Colin, a reclusive novelist. Along for the ride is her seductive American friend Lane who manages to crash the car but walk away with hardly a scratch. Christina appears to be dead and Lane abandons her, finding her way to the home Colin shares with his teenage daughter Angela. Lane promptly sets out to seduce Colin, making Angela jealous, (oh, and Christina's not dead after all). Poor script finds the characters actions baffling and why Lane is so wildly attractive is never apparent. 97m/C VHS, DVD . NZ Marcia Gay Harden, Donough Rees, William Zap-pa, Caitlin Bossley; D: Alison Maclean; W: Alison Maclean, Anne Kennedy; C: Dion Beebe.