Crime Spree

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Crime Spree ★★½ Wanted 2003 (R)

After bungling a Paris heist, Daniel (Depardieu), Julien (Freiss), and Raymond (Dray) are sent by their boss, Laurent (Bohringer), to Chicago for a diamond heist. Joined by Marcel (Hallyday), Zero (Renaud), and Sami (Taghmaoui), the group manages to rob the wrong house—that of Chicago hood Frankie Zammeti (Keitel). Frankie has been staked out by the FBI, who want an audio cassette the French hoods have also taken, which incriminates his boss Giancarlo (Vigoda). Equal opportunity stereotypes abound with the bad guys—French, Italian, Latino, and blacks—but this aging buddy cast is so selfconfident that they can carry this caper a long way. English and some French with subtitles. 99m/C VHS, DVD . CA GB Gerard Depardieu, Johnny Hallyday, Renaud, Harvey Keitel, Richard Bohringer, Said Taghmaoui, Stephane Freiss, Albert Dray, Abe Vigoda; D: Brad Mirman; W: Brad Mirman; C: Derek Rogers; M: Rupert Gregson-Williams.