Crime and Punishment 1935

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Crime and Punishment ★★★ 1935

Pared down but well-executed version of the Dostoyevski novel. Lorre is superb as Raskolnikov, who robs and murders an elderly pawnbroker. Believing he has committed the perfect murder, he accepts the invitation of police inspector Porfiry (Arnold) to observe the investigation. Gradually Raskolnikov's conscience begins to overwhelm him as Porfiry slowly works to wring a confession from the killer. Von Sternberg's subdued directorial approach worked well to explore the psychological aspects of guilt, although the melodramatic French film version (released at the same time) scored better with the critics. 88m/B VHS . Peter Lorre, Edward Arnold, Marian Marsh, Tala Birell, Elisabeth Risdon, Robert “Tex” Allen, Douglass Dumbrille, Gene Lockhart; D: Josef von Sternberg; W: S.K. Lauren, Joseph Anthony.

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Crime and Punishment 1935

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