Cries of Silence

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Cries of Silence ★★ 1997

In 1969 a teenaged girl (Buchanan) is found along a remote Mississippi island shore in the aftermath of Hurricane Camille. Young doctor Dorrie Walsh (York) brings the girl to her mother's (Black) home after the locals swear they don't know who she is and the girl herself is mute from trauma. Dorrie calls her Camille and struggles to communicate with her in the face of community opposition. It seems learning Camille's identity could reveal the truth behind more than one local secret. 109m/C VHS . Kathleen York, Karen Black, Erin Buchanan, Ed Nelson, Ellen Crawford, Guy Boyd; D: Avery Crounse; W: Avery Crounse; C: Michael Barnard; M: Nigel Holton.