Cowles, Fleur

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COWLES, Fleur. American. Genres: Art/Art history, Autobiography/Memoirs, Biography. Career: Freelance painter and writer. Assistant Ed., Look mag U.S.A., 1949-55; Founder and Ed., Flair mag., 1950-51; Ed., Flairbook U.S.A., 1952. Publications: Bloody Precedent, 1951; The Case of Salvador Dali, 1959; The Hidden World of Hadhramoutt, 1964; I Can Tell It Now, 1965; Treasures of the British Museum, 1966; Tiger Flower, 1969; Lion and Blue, 1974; Friends and Memories, 1975; Romany Free, 1977; The Love of Tiger Flower, 1980; All Too True, 1980; The Flower Game, 1983; Flowers, 1985; People as Animals, 1985; To Be a Unicorn, 1986; People as Animals, 1986; An Artist's Journey, 1988; The History of the Rose, 1992; She Made Friends and Kept Them, 1996; The Best of FLAIR, 1996. Address: A5 Albany, Piccadilly, London W1, England.