Corporate Affairs 2007

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Corporate Affairs ★ 2007 (R)

Lame flick that can't make up its mind whether to be a morality tale or an office sex comedy. Ted (Meyer) is married to Cassie (Harris) and they live in the 'burbs with their kids. Ted enjoys being a computer programmer for a software company but can't turn down a big promotion to management because the pay is too good, but unfortunately Ted's a techno geek, not a schmoozer of clients. He starts to travel a lot for business and soon realizes that managers employ hookers as perks (for themselves and the clients), and Ted isn't man enough to resist. 99m/C DVD . Breckin Meyer, Laura Harris, George Coe, Bess Armstrong, Adam Scott, Monica Keena, Melinda Page Hamilton; D: Dan Cohen; W: Dan Cohen; C: Ian Mcglocklin. VIDEO

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Corporate Affairs 2007

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