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Cooperstown ★★½ 1993

Harry (Arkin) is a former majorleague pitcher who now works as a baseball scout in Florida. He's been angry for 30 years over giving up a homerun pitch that kept his team (the ficitional Chicago Barons) out of the World Series. Harry's feels this error cost him his chance at induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York, and he's always blamed exfriend and former catcher Raymond (Greene), who's just had the gall to be elected. Only Raymond's just died—but his ghostly figure visits Harry and urges him to take a road trip not only to the baseball shrine but into his past. 100m/C VHS . Alan Arkin, Graham Greene, Hope Lange, Josh Charles, Ed Begley Jr., Maria Pitillo, Ann Wedgeworth, Paul Dooley, Joanna Miles, Charles Haid; D: Charles Haid; W: Lee Blessing. CABLE

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