The Cooler

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The Cooler ★★★ 2003 (R)

Bernie Lootz (Macy) is a Las Vegas gambler with a nasty losing streak. After getting into debt to casino manager Shelly Kaplow (Baldwin), Bernie finds himself indentured as a “cooler,” a walking bad luck charm sent to cool off the winning streaks simply by sitting next to the gamblers. Bernie's luck begins to change about a week before he's finished paying off. He meets and falls for Natalie (Bello), a casino wai tress, and it seems his perennial bad luck begins to disappear (but of course, there are complications). Great cast provides sterling performances all around. Most notable is Macy, who hits the jackpot playing a loser. 101m/C VHS, DVD . US William H. Macy, Alec Baldwin, Maria Bello, Shawn Hatosy, Ron Livingston, Paul Sorvino, Estella Warren, Arthur J. Nascarelli, M.C. Gainey, Ellen Greene, Joey Fatone, Tony Longo; D: Wayne Kramer; W: Wayne Kramer, Frank Hannah; C: James Whitaker; M: Mark Isham. Natl. Bd. of Review '03: Support. Actor (Baldwin).

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The Cooler

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