Cook, Chris(topher)

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COOK, Chris(topher)

COOK, Chris(topher). British, b. 1945. Genres: History, Politics/Government, Reference. Career: Magdalen College, Oxford, lecturer in politics, 1969-70; London School of Economics, sr. research officer, 1970-80, British Library of Political and Economic Science, visiting research fellow, 1990-; Polytechnic of N. London, head of School of History, 1980-89. Publications: (ed. with D. McKie) The Decade of Disillusion, 1972; (ed. with J. Ramsden) By-Elections in British Politics, 1973, 2nd ed., 1997; (ed.) Pears Cyclopaedia, 1974-; (with J. Paxton) European Political Facts 1918-1973, 1975, 1900-1996, 1997; (ed. with G. Peele) The Politics of Reap-praisal 1918-1973, 1975; (with B. Keith) British Historical Facts 1830-1900, 1975; (with P. Jones) Sources in British Political History, 6 vols., 1975-85; The Age of Alignment: Electoral Politics in Britain 1922-1929, 1975; A Short History of the Liberal Party 1900-76, 1976, 5th ed. (1900-2001), 2002; (with A. Sked) Post-War Britain: A Political History, 1979; (with J. Stevenson) The Slump: Society and Politics during the Depression, 1980; (with J. Stevenson) Longman Handbook of Modern British History, 1714-1980, 1983, 4th ed. (1714-2001), 2001; (with G. Pugh) Sources in European Political History, vol. I: The European Left, 1987; Dictionary of Historical Terms, 1989; Facts on File World Political Almanac, 1989; Facts on File Asia Political Almanac, 1994; Longman Guide to Sources in Contemporary British History, 2 vols, 1993-94; (with D. Bewes) What Happen Where, 1997; (with J. Stevenson) Longman Handbook of the Modern World, 1998. Address: Modern Archives Survey, London School of Economics, British Library of Political and Economic Science, Houghton St, Aldwych, London WC2, England.