Cook, Bruce Alexander

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COOK, Bruce Alexander

COOK, Bruce Alexander. Also writes as Bruce Alexander. American, b. 1932. Genres: Adult non-fiction, Mystery/Crime/Suspense. Career: Worked in editorial and public relations posts in Chicago, IL, 1958-65; free-lance writer, 1965-67; National Observer, Silver Spring, MD, book review editor, 1967-71, movie critic, 1971-75. Publications: The Beat Generation, 1971; Listen to the Blues, 1973, with new intro., 1995; Dalton Trumbo, 1977; Sex Life: A Novel, 1978; Brecht in Exile, 1983; The Town That Country Built: Welcome to Branson, Missouri, 1993. ANTONIO OCHICOO CERVANTES DETECTIVE SERIES: Mexican Standoff, 1988; Rough Cut, 1990; Death as a Career Move, 1992; The Sidewalk Hilton, 1994. Author of articles, and of industrial, business, and documentary films. MYSTERIES AS BRUCE ALEXANDER: Blind Justice, 1994; Murder in Grub Street, 1995; Watery Grave, 1996; Person or Persons Unknown, 1997; Jack, Knave and Fool, 1998; The Death of a Colonial, 1999; The Color of Death, 2000; Smuggler's Moon, 2001; Experimant in Treason, 2002; The Price of Murder, 2003. Died 2003.