Conquest 1998

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Conquest ★★½ 1998

Pincer Bedier moves back to Conquest, the dying prairie town of his childhood, to run the local bank. Most of the town's aging citizens think he's crazy for trying to revitalize its boardedup businesses. But Pincer's unexpectedly aided in his mission by Daisy MacDonald, a determined English lass who doesn't have the money to repair the car that stranded her in Conquest. She agrees to help out Bedier and they wind up falling in love. And then the town's other residents begin to believe in Bedier's maybe notsoimpossible dream. 90m/C VHS . CA GB Lothaire Bluteau, Tara Fitzgerald, Monique Mercure, David Fox; D: Piers Haggard; W: Rob Forsyth; C: Gerald Packer; M: Ron Sures. Genie '98: Support. Actress (Mercure).