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CLARKE, Pauline

CLARKE, Pauline. (Pauline Hunter Blair). Also writes as Helen Clare. British, b. 1921. Genres: Novels, Novellas/Short stories, Children's fiction, Young adult fiction. Career: Full-time author, 1948-. Publications: The Pekinese Princess, 1948; The Great Can, 1952; The White Elephant, 1952; Smith's Hoard (in U.S. as Hidden Gold), 1955, retitled in U.K. as The Golden Collar, 1967; Sandy the Sailor, 1956; The Boy with the Erpingham Hood, 1956; James the Policeman series, 4 vols., 1957-63; Torolv the Fatherless, 1959; The Lord of the Castle, 1960; The Robin Hooders, 1960; Keep the Pot Boiling, 1961; The Twelve and the Genii (in U.S. as The Return of the Twelves), 1962; Silver Bells and Cockle Shells (verse), 1962; Crowds of Creatures, 1964; The Bonfire Party, 1966; The Two Faces of Silenus, 1972. AS HELEN CLARE: Five Dolls series, 5 vols., 1953-63; Merlin's Magic, 1953; Bel the Giant and Other Stories (in U.S. as The Cat and the Fiddle, and Other Stories), 1956; Seven White Pebbles, 1960. AS PAULINE HUNTER BLAIR: The Nelson Boy, 2000; A Thorough Seaman, 2000; Warscape, 2001. Address: Church Farm House, Bottisham, Cambridge CB5 9BA, England.

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Clarke, Pauline

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