Cimbala, Stephen J.

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CIMBALA, Stephen J.

CIMBALA, Stephen J. American, b. 1943. Genres: Military/Defense/Arms control, Politics/Government. Career: State University of New York at Stony Brook, assistant professor of political science, 1969-73; Pennsylvania State University, Delaware County Campus, Media, associate professor, 1973-86, professor of political science, 1986-, chief academic officer, 1973-81, distinguished professor, 2000-. Ohio State University, visiting associate professor, 1976; speaker at colleges and universities. Publications: Extended Deterrence: The U.S. and NATO Europe, 1987; Nuclear War and Nuclear Strategy, 1987; Rethinking Nuclear Strategy, 1988; Nuclear Strategizing: Deterrence and Reality, 1988; Nuclear Endings, 1989; NATO Strategy and Nuclear Escalation, 1990; Uncertainty and Control: Future Superpower Strategy, 1990; First Strike Stability, 1990; Conflict Termination in Europe, 1990; Strategy after Deterrence, 1991; Clausewitz and Escalation, 1991; Force and Diplomacy in the Future, 1992; U.S. Nuclear Strategy in the New World Order, 1993; U.S. Military Strategy and the Cold War Endgame, 1995; The Politics of Warfare, 1997; The Past and Future of Nuclear Deterrence, 1998; Nuclear Strategy in the 21st Century, 2000. EDITOR & CONTRIBUTOR: National Security Strategy, 1984; Strategic War Termination, 1986; The Reagan Defense Program, 1986; Soviet Command, Control, and Communications, 1987; Challenges to Deterrence, 1987; Intelligence and Intelligence Policy in a Democratic Society, 1987; The Technology, Strategy, and Politics of SDI, 1987; (with K. Dunn) Conflict Termination and Military Strategy, 1987; Artificial Intelligence and National Security, 1987; (with J. Douglass Jr.) Ending a Nuclear War, 1988; The Soviet Challenge in the 1990s, 1989; Strategic Arms Control after SALT, 1989; Strategic Air Defense, 1989; (with S.R. Waldman) Controlling and Ending Conflict, 1992; Clinton and Post-Cold War Defense, 1996; Coercive Military Strategy, 1998. Work represented in anthologies. Contributor of articles and reviews to professional journals. Address: Department of Political Science, 118 Vairo Library, Pennsylvania State University Delaware County Campus, Media, PA 19063, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]