Chronicle of the Raven

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Chronicle of the Raven ★★ Jennifer's Shadow 2004 (R)

Fairly atmospheric horror flick finds Jennifer (Phillips) traveling to Buenos Aires after she inherits the house of her recently deceased twin. Her sinister grandmother, Mary Ellen (a theatrical Dunaway), who also lives there, doesn't want Jennifer to sell the place. Suddenly, Jennifer begins having nightmares about being attacked by flesheating ravens and discovers strange wounds when she wakes up. Seems Granny isn't above killing her kin to get her way. 90m/C DVD . US AR Gina Philips, Faye Dunaway, Duilio Marzio, Hilda Bernard, Nicolas Pauls; D: Daniel De La Vega, Pablo Pares; W: Daniel De La Vega, Pablo Pares; C: Monty Rowan, Robin Melhuish; M: Micha Liberman.

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Chronicle of the Raven

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