Christmas Do-Over

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Christmas Do-Over ★½ 2006

Think “Groundhog Day” only at Christmas. Grumpy Kevin (Mohr) isn't happy to be spending the holiday with his ex-wife Jill (Zuniga) and his in-laws but he does want to see his cute-as-a-button son Ben (Grove). Ben wishes to have Christmas every day and Kevin is stuck reliving the holiday until he understands this is his last chance to get his old life back. Except Kevin is such a selfish whiner you know why Jill dumped him, which spoils the whole fantasy. 90m/C DVD . Jay Mohr, Daphne Zuniga, Adrienne Barbeau, Logan Grove, Tim Thomerson, David Millbern, Ruta Lee; D: Catherine Cyran; W: Trevor Reed Cristow, Jacqueline David; C: Ken Blakey; M: Andrew Gross. CABLE

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Christmas Do-Over

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