Checkland, Olive

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CHECKLAND, Olive. British. Genres: History. Publications: Philanthropy in Victorian Scotland: Social Welfare and the Voluntary Principle, 1980; (with S. Checkland) Industry and Ethos Scotland, 1832-1914, 1984, 2nd ed., 1989; Britain's Encounter with Meiji Japan, 1868-1912, 1989; Humanitarianism and the Emperor's Japan, 1877-1977, 1994; Isabella Bird (1831-1904) and a Woman's Right, 1996; Japanese Whisky, Scotch Blend, 1998; Sobriety and Thrift, John Philipson and Family, 1989; Japan and Britain after 1859, Creating Cultural Bridges, 2003. EDITOR: (with M. Lamb) Health Care as Social History: The Glasgow Case, 1982; (with S. Nishimura and N. Tamaki) Pacific Banking 1859-1959: East Meets West, 1994.