Cecil B. Demented

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Cecil B. Demented ★★½ 2000 (R)

Waters returns to a more hard-edged satire with this indictment against the studio system. Dorff is Cecil B. Demented, indie auteur who, along with his band of cinema terrorists, wreack havoc on Hollywood. They kidnap A-list actress Honey Whitlock (Griffith) and force her to appear in their film—in doing so, making her the poster child for their cause. Punish bad film! No English-language remakes of foreign film! Death to those who are cinematically incorrect! Will appeal more to fans of Waters's very early work than to those who enjoyed “Serial Mom” or “Hairspray.” 88m/C VHS, DVD . Stephen Dorff, Melanie Griffith, Jack Noseworthy, Alicia Witt, Larry (Lawrence) Gilliard Jr., Adrian Grenier, Patty (Patricia Campbell) Hearst, Ricki Lake, Mink Stole, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Eric M. Barry, Zenzele Uzoma, Erika Lynn Rupli, Harriet Dodge, Eric Roberts; D: John Waters; W: John Waters; C: Robert M. Stevens; M: Basil Poledouris, Zoe Poledouris.