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Catwoman ★ 2004 (PG-13)

Halle Berry is Patience Phillips, an artist in the ad department of a cosmetics company who overhears a discussion about side effects of their newest product. Soon she and the scientist who discovered the problem are disposed of. Luckily, a few cats are around to revive our heroine and dress her in a tight leather catsuit to take her revenge. Unfortunately, Berry's talents and wardrobe are not enough to carry a movie that, while it will undoubtedly have an extended shelf-life as a camp classic, is a mess. Director Pitof saturates every frame with his presence and revels in drawing attention to flamboyant visuals and frenetic editing rather than focusing on characterization or good, old-fashioned storytelling. Wooden characters and a laughable storyline make this arguably one of the worst comic book adaptations ever made. 91m/C VHS, DVD . Halle Berry, Sharon Stone, Benjamin Bratt, Lambert Wilson, Alex Borstein, John Cassini, Frances Conroy, Byron Mann, Michael Massee, Kim Smith, Chris Heyerdahl, Peter Wingfield; D: Pitof; W: John Brancato, Michael Ferris, John Rogers; C: Thierry Arbogast; M: Klaus Badelt. Golden Raspberries ’04: Worst Picture, Worst Actress (Berry), Worst Director (Pitof), Worst Screenplay.