Caterina in the Big City

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Caterina in the Big City ★★ Caterina va in citta 2003

Caterina (Teghil) is a small town teenager who experiences a nasty case of culture shock when her family moves to Rome. Frustrated, ambitious school teacher dad Giancarlo (Castellitto) is glad to be out of the sticks and back to the big city but Caterina is soon pulled between two high school cliques—lead by rebellious bohemian Margherita (Iaquaniello) and spoiled debutante Daniela (Sbrenna). Meant to be seen (in a cynical comedic way) as a microcosm of Italian society with the middle-class caught between the strident, communist left and the elitist, conservative right. Italian with subtitles. 106m/C DVD . IT Alice Teghil, Sergio Castellitto, Margherita Buy, Carolina Iaquaniello, Federica Sbrenna, Claudio Amendola; D: Paolo Virzi; W: Paolo Virzi, Francesco Bruni; C: Arnaldo Catinari; M: Paolo Virzi