Capitaine Conan

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Capitaine Conan ★★★ Captain Conan 1996

On the Bulgarian border in 1918, during the last clashes of WWI, Conan (Torreton) is a fearless, impulsive warrior, reserving his respect only for his men. Although armistice is finally declared, the troops stationed in the Balkans are not demobilized and become increasingly fractious. This causes a rift between Conan and his educated friend Norbert (Le Bihan), who's been appointed a militotary legal representative. They are warily reunited in defense of a soldier (Val) charged with desertion, while still dealing with the ravages of the long conflict. Adapted from the book by Roger Vercel; French with subtitles. 129m/C VHS, DVD . FR Philippe Torreton, Samuel Le Bihan, Bernard Le Coq, Francois Berleand, Claude Rich, Catherine Rich, Pierre Val; D: Bertrand Tavernier; W: Bertrand Tavernier, Jean Cosmos; C: Alain Choquart; M: Oswald D'Andrea. Cesar '97: Actor (Torreton), Director (Tavernier), Film.

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Capitaine Conan

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