Cambridge Spies

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Cambridge Spies ★★½ 2003

Semi-fictional and romanticized account of the friendship of longtime British spies Harold Philby (Stephens), Guy Burgess (Hollander), Anthony Blunt (West), and Donald Maclean (Penry-Jones), which began in the 1930s while the quartet was at Cambridge University and continued for more than 30 years (Philby defected to Moscow colin 1964). 240m/C DVD . GB Toby Stephens, Samuel West, Tom Hollander, Rupert Penry-Jones, Anthony Andrews, Imelda Staunton, Stuart Laing, Patrick Kennedy, James Fox, Anna-Louise Plowman, John Light; D: Tim Fywell; W: Peter Moffatt; C: David Higgs; M: John Lunn. TV

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Cambridge Spies

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