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BUTTON, Kenneth J(ohn)

BUTTON, Kenneth J(ohn). British, b. 1948. Genres: Economics, Transportation. Career: Loughborough University, Leicestershire, lecturer, sr. lecturer, and reader, 1973-89, professor of applied economics and transport, 1989-; University of British Columbia, Vancouver, visiting professor, 1982; University of California, Berkeley, visiting fellow, 1982; Tinbergen Institute, Amsterdam, VSB visiting professor of transport and the environment, 1991-; OECD, Paris, counsellor, 1994; George Mason University, professor of public policy, 1996-. Publications: (with P.J. Barker) Case Studies in Cost Benefit Analysis, 1975; Urban Economics, 1976; (with D. Gillingwater) Case Studies in Regional Economics, 1976; The Economics of Urban Transport, 1977; (with A.D. Pearman) The Economics of Urban Freight Transport, 1981; (with A.D. Pearman and A.S. Fowkes) Car Ownership Modelling and Forecasting, 1982; Transport Economics, 1982, 2nd ed., 1993; (with A.D. Pearman) The Practice of Transport Investment Appraisal, 1983; Transport Policy, Economics and the Environment, 1983; Road Haulage Licensing and EC Transport Policy, 1984; (with A.D. Pearman) Applied Transport Economics, 1985; (with D. Gillingwater) Future Transport Policy, 1986; (with A.J. Westaway) The Economic Impact of Aid Policy on Donor Country's Economies, 1989; Market and Intervention Failures in Transport Policy, 1992; (with others) Academic Links and Communications, 1993; Transport, the Environment an d Economic Policy, 1993; (with others) Transport Policy, 1994; (with others) Missing Transport Networks in Europe, 1994; (with others) The Future of International Air Transport Policy, 1997; (with others) Meta-analysis in Environmental Economics, 1997; (with K. Haynes and R. Stough) Flying into the Future, 1998; (with E. Pentecost) Economic convergence in Europe, 1999. EDITOR WITH OTHERS: Transport Location and Spatial Policy, 1983; International Railway Economics, 1985; The Collected Essays of Harvey Leibenstein, 2 vols., 1989; The Age of Regulatory Reform, 1989; Transport Policy and the Environment, 1990; Airline Deregulation: An International Perspective, 1990; Transport in a Free Market Economy, 1991; Transport, the Environment and Sustainable Development, 1992; Location Theory, 2 vols., 1996; Regional Dynamics, 2 vols., 1996; Analytical Urban Economics, 1996; Regional Labour and Housing Markets, 1996; Regional Policy and Regional Integration, 1996; Transport and Land Use, 1996; Transport Networks in Europe, 1993; Road Pricing, Traffic Congestion and th Environment, 1998; Transport Policy, 1998; Environment and Transport, 1999; Global Aspects of the Environment, 2 vols., 1999; Ecosystems and Nature, 1999; Environment, Land Use and Urban Policy, 1999; Environment Economics and Development, 1999; Environmental Instruments and Institutions, 1999; Environmental Evaluation, 2 vols., 1999; Air Transport Networks, 2000; Handbook of Transport Modelling, 2000; Handbook of Logistics and Supply-Chain Management, 2001; Handbook of Transport Systems and Traffic Control, 2001; Maritime Transport, 2002; Air Transport, 2002; Railways, 2002; Transport Infrastructure, 2002. Address: School of Public Policy, 116D Finley Bldg 3C6, George Mason University, 4400 University Dr, Fairfax, VA 22030-4444, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]

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Button, Kenneth J(ohn)

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