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BUTTERWORTH, Nick. British, b. 1946. Genres: Children's fiction. Career: Author and illustrator of children's books. Graphic designer; TV AM (UK), presenter for Rub-a-Dub-Tub. Publications: AUTHOR AND ILLUSTRATOR: B.B. Blacksheep and Company: A Collection of Favourite Nursery Rhymes, 1981; My Mom Is Excellent, 1989; My Dad Is Awesome, 1989; (ed.) Nick Butterworth's Book of Nursery Rhymes, 1990; My Grandma Is Wonderful, 1991; My Grandpa Is Amazing, 1991; Amanda's Butterfly, 1991; Jack the Carpenter and His Friends, 1991; Jill the Farmer and Her Friends, 1991; Busy People, 1992; Making Faces, 1993; When It's Time for Bed, 1994; When There's Work to Do, 1994; When We Go Shopping, 1994; When We Play Together, 1994; All Together Now!, 1994; Thud!, 1997; 1-2-3-London, 1998; A-B-C-London, 1998; Jingle Bells, 1998; QPootle5, 2000; Albert LeBlanc, 2002, in US as Albert the Bear; QPootle5 in Space, 2003. UPNEY JUNCTION SERIES: Treasure Trove at Upney Junction, 1983; A Windy Day at Upney Junction, 1983; Invasion at Upney Junction, 1983; A Monster at Upney Junction, 1983. PERCY THE PARK KEEPER SERIES: One Snowy Night, 1989; After the Storm, 1992, in US as One Blowy Night; The Rescue Party, 1993; The Secret Path, 1993; A Year in Percy's Park, 1995; The Cross Rabbit, 1995; Percy the Park Keeper Press-Out Book, 1995; The Fox's Hiccups, 1995; The Treasure Hunt, 1996; The Hedgehog's Balloon, 1996; The Badger's Bath, 1996; Tales from Percy's Park, 1996; Percy the Park Keeper Activity Book, 1996; Percy Helps Out: Sticker Book, 1996; The Owl's Flying Lesson, 1997; One Warm Fox, 1997; Four Feathers in Percy's Park, 1998; Percy the Park Keeper A-B-C, 1998; Percy in the Park 1-2-3; Percy in the Park Games Book; Percy in the Park Coloring Book; Percy in the Park Sticker and Story Book; A Year with Percy Coloring Book. WITH M. INKPEN: The Nativity Play, 1985; The House on the Rock, 1986; The Precious Pearl, 1986; The Lost Sheep, 1986; The Two Sons, 1986; Nice and Nasty: A Book of Opposites, 1987, in US as Nice or Nasty: A Book of Opposites; I Wonder at the Zoo, 1987; I Wonder in the Garden, 1987; I Wonder in the Country, 1987; I Wonder at the Farm, 1987, in US as I Wonder on the Farm, 1987; Who Made…In the Country, 1987; Who Made…On the Farm, 1987; Who Made…At the Zoo, 1987; Who Made…In the Garden, 1987; Sports Day, 1988; The Magpie's Story: Jesus and Zacchaeus, 1988; The Mouse's Story: Jesus and the Storm, 1988; The Cat's Tale: Jesus at the Wedding, 1988; The Fox's Tale: Jesus Is Born, 1988; The Good Stranger, 1989; Just Like Jasper!, 1989; The Little Gate, 1989; The Rich Farmer, 1989; The Ten Silver Coins, 1989; The School Trip, 1990; Wonderful Earth!, 1990; Field Day, 1991; Jasper's Beanstalk, 1992; Stories Jesus Told, 1994; Opposites, 1997. Illustrator of books by E. Lawrence, A. Butterworth, M. and M. Doney. Contributed illustrations to a series of Christian books for children. Address: c/o HarperCollins Publishers, 77-85 Fulham Palace Rd., Hammer-smith, London W6 8JB, England.

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