The Butterfly 2002

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The Butterfly ★★★ Le Papillon 2002

Likeable tale of Julien—a lonely, grumpy old guy in Paris—who can't resist his spunky yet equally lonely eight-year-old neighbor, Elsa, who's working, single mom doesn't have time for her. When he sets off to the mountains in a quest to snag a rare butterfly, Elsa slyly tags along and the two connect amid the stunning scenery. Her unwitting mother notices she's missing, becomes despondent, and triggers an APB for her. In French with subtitles. 80m/C VHS, DVD . Michel Serrault, Francoise Michaud, Dominique Marcas, Idwig Stephane, Francis Frappat, Francoise Dubois, Dominic Gould, Auriele Meriel, Claire Bouanich, Nade Dieu, Helene Hily, Pierre Poirot, Jacky Nercessian, Jacques Bouanich, Catherine Cyler, Jerry Lucas, Laurent Adrien, Gabrielle Arger, Fabien Behar, Alain Bert, Alain Blazquez, Magali Bonat, Christiane Bopp, Armand Chagot, Laurent Chouteau, Jerome Foucher, Phlippe LeDem, Gerard Maillet, Esther Perez-Pajares, Fabien Traverci; D: Philippe Muyl; W: Philippe Muyl; C: Nicolas Herdt; M: Nicolas Errera. VIDEO