Burlew, A(nn) Kathleen

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BURLEW, A(nn) Kathleen

BURLEW, A(nn) Kathleen. American. Genres: Psychology. Career: University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, professor of psychology, 1993-. Publications: (with W.P. Smith, M. Mosely, and W.M. Whitney) Minority Issues in Mental Health, 1978; (with Smith, Mosely, and Whitney) Reflections on Black Psychology, 1979; (with W.C. Banks, H.M. McAdoo, and D. Azibo) African American Psychology: Theory, Research, and Practice, 1992. Address: Department of Psychology, 334 Dyer, ML No. 0376, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH 45221, U.S.A.

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Burlew, A(nn) Kathleen

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