Brothers of the Head

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Brothers of the Head ★★ 2006 (R)

Bizzare mockumentary a la “This Is Spinal Tap,” only without the humor, tells the fictional story of British conjoined twins who are sold by their father to an unsavory music promoter who turns them into a freak-show punk band. The flash-back-documentary style shows the rapid rise and fall of the band due to the usual rock and roll excesses. Picgets a half bone for recreating an authentic 1970s British art/rock scene that makes an otherwise creepy flick watchable. Based on the 1977 illustrated novel by Brian Aldiss. 120m/C DVD . GB Sean Harris, Jonathan Pryce, John Simm, Jane Horrocks, Harry Treadway, Luke Treadway, Bryan Dick, Elizabeth Rider, Howard Attfield, Luke Wagner, Anna Nygh, Ed Hogg, Thomas Sturridge, Barbara Ewing; Cameos: Ken Russell; D: Keith Fulton, Louis Pepe; W: Tony Grisoni; C: Anthony Dod Mantle; M: Clive Langer.