Bourne, Larry Stuart

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BOURNE, Larry Stuart

BOURNE, Larry Stuart. Canadian, b. 1939. Genres: Regional/Urban planning, Urban studies, Geography, Social sciences. Career: University of Toronto, assistant professor, 1966-69, associate professor 1969-73, Director, Centre for Urban and Community Studies, 1972-84, professor of Geography and Planning, 1973-. Fellow, Royal Society of Canada, 1986. Publications: The Urban and Regional Economy of Yellowknife, N.W.T., 1964; Private Redevelopment of the Central City, 1967; Urban Systems: Strategies for Regulation, 1976; Progress in Settlement Systems Geography, 1986. EDITOR: (and contrib.) Internal Structure of the City: Readings on Space and Environment, 1971, 1982; (with R. Mackinnon, and contrib.) Urban Systems in Central Canada: Selected Papers, 1972; (with R. Mackinnon and J. Simmons) The Form of Cities in Central Canada: Selected Papers, 1973; (with R. Mackinnon, J. Simmons and J. Siegel) Urban Futures for Central Canada: Perspectives on Forecasting Growth and Form, 1974; (with J. Simmons) Systems of Cities: Readings on Structure, Growth and Policy, 1978; (with J. Hitchcock) Urban Housing Markets: Recent Directions in Research and Policy, 1980; The Geography of Housing, 1981; (with R. Sinclair, and contrib.) Urbanization and Settlement Systems. 1984; Urban Systems in Transition, 1986; The Changing Geography of Urban Systems, 1989; Urbanization and Urban Development, 1991; (with D. Ley) The Changing Social Geography of Canadian Cities, 1993. Address: 26 Anderson Ave, Toronto, ON, Canada M5P 1H4. Online address: [email protected]