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BOOTH, Martin

BOOTH, Martin. British, b. 1944. Genres: Novels, Plays/Screenplays, Biography, Children's fiction. Publications: POETRY: The Crying Embers, 1971; Pilgrims and Partitions, 1972; Coronis, 1973; The Knotting Sequence, 1978; Extending Upon the Kingdom, 1978; British Poetry 1964-84 (criticism), 1985. FICTION: The Bad Track, 1980; Hiroshima Joe, 1985; The Jade Pavilion, 1987; Black Chameleon, 1988; Dreaming of Samarkand, 1989; A Very Private Gentleman, 1991; The Humble Disciple, 1992; Toys of Glass, 1995; Adrift in the Oceans of Mercy, 1996; The Industry of Souls, 1999; Islands of Silence, 2002. FICTION FOR CHILDREN: War Dog, 1996; Music on the Bamboo Radio, 1996; Panther, 1999; PoW, 2000; Dr Illuminatus, 2003. HISTORIES & BIOGRAPHIES: Carpet Sahib: A Life of Jim Corbett, 1986; A History of the Triads: Chinese Secret Societies, 1989; Rhino Road, 1992; The Iron Tree, 1993; The Dragon & The Pearl: A Hong Kong Notebook, 1994; Opium: A History, 1996; A Magick Life: A Biography of Aleister Crowley, 2000; The Dragon Syndicates, 2000; Cannabis: A History, 2003. FILMS AND DOCUMENTARIES: Man-Eaters of Kumaon; People of the Forest (Emmy Award); Itaye and the Fig Tree Troop; Cheetahs and Cubs. Died 2004.

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Booth, Martin

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