Blue Smoke

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Blue Smoke ★★½ Nora Roberts' Blue Smoke 2007

After her family's pizzeria is destroyed by fire when she's 11, Reena grows up to become an arson investigator A neighborhood reunion leads her to ro mance with carpenter Bo, but Reena soon discovers that fire is following her. Seems an arsonist is targeting everything—and everyone—she holds dear. Lifetime origi nal movie based on the novel by Nora Roberts. 90m/C DVD . Alicia Witt, Matthew Set tle, Scott Bakula, Talia Shire, John Henry Reardon, Eric Keenleyside, Chris Fassbender, Ben Ayres; D: David Carson; W: Ronni Kern; C: Nikos Evde mon; M: Chris P. Bacon, Stuart M. Thomas CABLE