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BERGMAN, Tamar. Israeli, b. 1939. Genres: Children's fiction, Children's non-fiction, Young adult fiction, Novels, Biography. Career: Israeli Broadcasting Authority, Jerusalem, radio play writer, 1970-82; writer. Publications: FOR CHILDREN: Hamassa Legan Hashoshanim (title means: The Journey to the Rose Garden), 1976; Danny Holeh Lemirpe'at Hashina'in (title means: Danny Goes to the Dentist), 1976; Al Shumklum ve-șal Shumakom (title means: About Nothing in Nowhere), 1976; Mi Rotze Lehitarev? (title means: Who Wants to Bet?), 1977; Beshabat Baboker (title means: On Saturday Morning), 1979; Shinayim tsohakot (title means: Laughing Teeth), 1980; Simlat Haksamim (title means: The Magic Dress), 1980; (with C. Gutman) Kol Ehad Ha'ya Pa'am Yeled (title means: We Were All Children Once), 1983; Ha Yeled mi-shamah, 1983, trans. as The Boy from Over There, 1988; Mehapsim Et Osnat (title means: Looking for Osnat), 1985; Gozal Shel Aba Ve'ima (title means: Mom and Dad's Chick), 1987; Leoreh Hamessila, 1987, trans. as Along the Tracks, 1991; Rav Hovel Shav Ela'ich (title means: The Captain Has Returned), 1990; Kunchiat Hassodot (title means: Conch of Secrets), 1996; Eifo?, trans. as Where Is?, 1998; Ina Afa im Hatziporim (title means: Ina Is Flying with the Birds), 1999; Mook, 2003. FOR ADULTS: Kemara Letusha (title means: As a Polished Mirror), 1996. Address: 6 Hanassi St., 92188 Jerusalem, Israel. Online address: [email protected]

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Bergman, Tamar

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